The holiday season is officially upon us! At this time of year, we look forward to seeing adorable photos of our patients in seasonal settings. Many people really enjoy spoiling their animal companions with gifts and treats. It’s easy to find things to do for dogs and cats, but what about bunnies? A vet Dahlonega, GA offers a few suggestions below. 

Dig Box

Many rabbits love to paw and dig through things. Fill a cardboard box or a plastic storage tote with smaller toys and goodies for Floppy to paw through. You can add shredded or crumpled-up pieces of plain paper to make it more fun. 


Soft beds are one of life’s greatest luxuries, for both people and pets. If Floppy has been sleeping on the floor, get her a comfy bed to look adorable in. 


Do you only have one bunny? If so, you may want to consider getting Floppy a buddy. Many rabbits really enjoy having friends to cuddle with and play with. Of course, adopting a pet is a huge decision. You’ll need to consider both bunnies’ ages and temperaments, as well as your household and budget. Don’t proceed unless you’re ready to make a forever commitment to your new pet. 


Toys aren’t just important for entertainment purposes: they also help keep Floppy’s teeth healthy. If you want to buy Floppy’s toys, you may want to get her a hay ball or a fun, interactive play table or station. You can also go the DIY route. You can make all sorts of great toys out of things like cardboard, wicker, and paper. Look online for ideas and instructions. Just be sure to only give your furball safe, suitable toys. Anything small or sharp is a definite no, as are items with dangling threads and anything covered in paint, stain, or dye. Ask your vet for more information.

New Digs

Did you know that many of the bunny cages you’ll find at pet stores are really too small? Even if your furry friend spends a lot of her time out of her cage, she still needs a comfy one. If your cute pet could use a bigger cage, this is a great time to get one. This can also make for some super cute holiday pics!

Happy Holidays from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, your pet clinic Dahlonega, GA. Call us anytime!