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Helping Your Pet Recover From Spay/Neuter Surgery

Spring has sprung! For many animals, this time of year is the season for giving birth. For those of us in the veterinary industry, we often focus on spaying and … Read More »

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Helping Cats And Dogs Get Along: Tips From A Dawsonville, GA Veterinarian

Fluffy and Fido are the most popular pets here in the U.S., respectively. Many people are all-in for one or the other, and are dog people or cat people. There … Read More »

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Are Christmas Trees Safe for Pet Birds?


If you’re thinking about buying a Christmas tree this holiday season, you might be wondering if they are safe for pet birds. After all, birds love to chew on things … Read More »

Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe During Thanksgiving

Dog sitting

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and eat lots of food, but it’s important to keep your dog safe during the holiday. Read on as a local … Read More »

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Ways To Bond With Your Horse

Little girl with pony

Have you recently gotten a new horse? Whether you’ve got a new mount for riding, purchased a show horse, or are adopting a rescued horse, it’s important for you to … Read More »

Fun Facts About Geckos

Crested Gecko

Geckos are one of the most popular pet reptiles. These cute lizards are quite charming and personable, and can make great pets! A local Crested, GA vet lists a few … Read More »

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