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Are Christmas Trees Safe for Pet Birds?


If you’re thinking about buying a Christmas tree this holiday season, you might be wondering if they are safe for pet birds. After all, birds love to chew on things … Read More »

Feather Plucking In Birds


Did you know that birds sometimes chew or pull out their feathers? Feather plucking is a self-harming behavior in birds. While any bird can do this, it’s most common in … Read More »

What Kind of Cage Does My Parakeet Need? 

Parakeet on Perch

Parakeets are some of the most popular pet birds. They’re the perfect companions for busy people who want a pet that’s easy to care for. Parakeets are social birds that … Read More »

How to Tell If Your Bird Is Sick   

white and gray bird on cup

Birds have a knack for hiding signs of weakness or illness, a handy skill they learned in the wild to keep predators from singling them out. Unfortunately, Tweety’s reluctance to … Read More »

Adopting a Bird

Parakeet on hand

Are you considering adopting a pet bird? Good for you! Birds have very specific care needs, so if you have never had one before, you’ll want to do some research … Read More »

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