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Caring For Fido’s Furry Feet

Does your canine ever gently place his paw on your leg to get your attention or to politely request pets, walks, or treats? Fido’s adorable paws have become his unofficial … Read More »

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Choosing the Ideal Frog Companion

Mark your calendars for April 28th: it’s Save A Frog Day!  Frogs may not be the most popular pet on our roster, but they deserve a turn in the spotlight. … Read More »

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World Hamster Day

Some of our tiniest patients are gearing up for an exciting day. April 12 is World Hamster Day! Hamsters are very popular kids’ pets. It’s not hard to see why: … Read More »

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Happy National Catio Day!

March 15th is a special day for Fluffy: it’s National Catio Day! A number of our feline patients have their own catios or cat enclosures. In this article, your Dawsonville, … Read More »

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Helping Your Pet Recover From Spay/Neuter Surgery

Spring has sprung! For many animals, this time of year is the season for giving birth. For those of us in the veterinary industry, we often focus on spaying and … Read More »

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Helping Cats And Dogs Get Along: Tips From A Dawsonville, GA Veterinarian

Fluffy and Fido are the most popular pets here in the U.S., respectively. Many people are all-in for one or the other, and are dog people or cat people. There … Read More »

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