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Celebrating Doggy Date Nights: Tips From A Dahlonega, GA Veterinarian


February has a few special occasions for our canine friends, including Doggy Date Night. Doggy date night is one of the more lighthearted pet holidays on the calendar. We’re pretty … Read More »

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Caring for Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragon is one of the most popular reptiles. These little dinosaurs are quite adorable and charming! Bearded dragons also aren’t hard to care for. However, they do have … Read More »

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Dog Training Tips

January is Train Your Dog Month! Making sure that your canine buddy knows and obeys basic commands is very important, not just to your pet’s safety,  but also to the … Read More »

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Travel Safety For Pets During The Holidays


Happy Holidays! This is a very popular time for travel … for both people and pets. A recent study by IPX1031 indicates that a whopping 62% of Americans plan to … Read More »

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Common Holiday Hazards for Pets – What You Need to Know

The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with joy and cheer, but it’s important to remember that it can present some potential dangers for our beloved pets. While we … Read More »

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Teaching Your Pet To Use Talking Paw Buttons

Technology has certainly come a long way in recent years, and our furry friends have not been left behind. One of the most ground-breaking and interesting pet products that’s recently … Read More »

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