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Keeping Fido Hydrated


When it’s really hot out, keeping your canine companion properly hydrated is extremely important. Dogs can overheat very quickly in summer. Fido has a fur coat on, and he can’t sweat to cool off if he gets too hot. As temperatures rise, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your pooch, and make sure … Read More »

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4 Things You Learn From Adopting a Shelter Cat


June is Adopt A Shelter Month! If you’re looking for a new kitty, there’s no better place to find Fluffy than a shelter. You get to pick your new pet from a roster of adorable furry faces, and you won’t have to break the bank doing it. As it turns out, you’ll also learn a … Read More »

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Hack Your Summer Barn Chores


While the official start of summer may still be a month out, temperatures are already rising. This time of year can get pretty hot around here. Those sticky, sweltering days are tough on both humans and animals. Here, a Dahlonega, GA vet lists some summer barn hacks. Fly Away Flies are the bane of every … Read More »

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Taking Fido to Barbecues


Summer is just around the corner! Many people are already enjoying outdoor cooking. Chicken, burgers, ribs, brats: they all somehow taste better grilled. Our canine pals also like ‘grilling and chilling’ on hot days. Just keep an eye on Fido. There’s all sorts of ways for Man’s Best Friend to get into mischief at a … Read More »

Taking Your Bird to the Vet

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Has it been a while since your bird saw her doctor? Just like any other pet, birds need to visit their veterinarians regularly. Here, a Dahlonega, GA veterinarian discusses taking Polly to the vet. Scheduling Appointments If you’ve just adopted Polly, you’ll need to schedule an initial exam ASAP. Once your colorful little pet is … Read More »

Brushing Your Cat


Did you know that cats spend up to a third of the time they are actually awake grooming themselves? Our feline pals are very clean, which is one of the many reasons they are such beloved and popular pets. However, your furry little diva will still benefit from being brushed. A local Dahlonega, GA vet … Read More »

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