Happy New Year! As we happily leave 2020 behind us and move into 2021, many people are making resolutions for the coming year. If you have a barn, there are likely some things that could be attended to. We know, having a barn means that the to-do list of chores never ends. However, there are a few things you’ll thank yourself later for doing. A Dahlonega, GA vet lists some of them below.

Revisit Drainage

Does your place have areas that get muddy quick when it rains a lot? If so, you’re not alone. Most places have at least a few problem areas. However, if you are constantly dealing with mud, consult a professional about drainage options. Even putting in a swale can help.

Toxic Plants

Another thing that will definitely be worth your while will be making sure that your place is free of unsafe plants. Many animals do generally avoid these, just out of instinct. However, they will eat them if they don’t have enough suitable forage. They may also try different things just out of curiosity. (Some of our four-legged friends will eat pretty much anything.) You don’t only need to worry about toxic plants. Things like foxtail grasses aren’t poisonous, but are still extremely dangerous. You can find more on the ASPCA site here.

Catch Pen

If you’re handy with tools, building a catch pen can be a quick weekend project. These are useful for many different occasions, such as veterinary and farrier visits. They’re also helpful for feeding animals that need special diets or have to fight for space at the troughs.

Barn Kitty Adoption

Want to make your place both cuter and more fun?  Adopt a barn kitty! Fluffy may be purrfectly happy to keep mice and other vermin out of your barn in exchange for food, water, veterinary care, and the occasional ear scritch.


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. If you can’t do the whole barn, then just add trim around doors and windows.


Whether you’ve only recently purchased your place, or have been there for a while, there are always going to be ways to improve your landscaping. Plant some trees, or add some comfortable benches and patio furniture to relax in. 

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