The holidays are coming up quickly! Sleigh rides may not be as popular as they once were, but they haven’t gone completely by the wayside. In fact, our equine friends once played a huge role in many holiday traditions. While Silver will probably be spending those frigid holiday nights warm and cozy in his stall, there are still ways you can include him in your festivities. A veterinary clinic Dahlonega, GA discusses spending the holidays with horses below. 


Don’t forget to pick something up for Silver! A new saddlepad is a good option. You can also get your hooved pal a new blanket or a comfy halter. Stall toys are another choice: your horse may like having a hanging ball to bat around. 

Photo Opps

Horses are always photogenic. However, this is a great time to get some super cute photos of your equine friend. Try experimenting with different props. You may be able to get a Santa hat on your horse, or even fake antlers. Some horses will even tolerate having wreaths briefly hung around their necks. You can also go with a classic look, like a bell on Silver’s reins. Just put safety first. Make sure your horse can’t eat his props! 


There’s no reason you can’t add some festive ribbons or wreaths to make your barn or fence look nice. Just put these in spots where Silver can’t reach them. This goes double for horses that crib! 


Just like any other animal, horses love snacks. Warm bran mash with molasses is a holiday favorite for many of our equine pals. Silver also loves apples, peppermints, carrots, and, of course, sugar cubes. If you really want to give your hooved pal something special, try this: combine 2 cups of dry whole oats, a half cup of grated carrots, three tablespoons of molasses, a half cup of brown sugar, and a bit of honey. Add just enough water to give the mixture a doughy consistency. Then, divide into small portions and pop into the oven. Cook at 365F until they are crispy and golden brown. Feel free to sample a few yourself.  Be prepared for your horse to get adorably excited over these treats.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at All Animals Veterinary Hospital. Please reach out to us, your veterinarian Dahlonega, GA, for all of your horse’s veterinary care needs.