Have you recently become interested in bringing your cows to livestock shows? It can be fun, exciting, and rewarding to show Bessie off to her admirers. However, shows mean a lot of work! A Dahlonega, GA vet offers some tips on showing Bessie in this article.

Stick To A Routine

Our animal companions always do best when they’re on a set schedule. Stick to a steady routine for feeding and turnout.

Choose The Right Cow

Just like people, cows all have their own personalities. Some are calm and quiet, while others may be more skittish. Choose one that doesn’t get ruffled by crowds or noise.

Build Trust

Going to a new place is a big deal for a cow. Bessie may get frightened or upset on the drive. Building trust from the start will go a long way towards helping things go smoothly. Take time to bond with Bessie!

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

This one applies to animals across the board. With animals that are being shown, you may need to produce records to verify that your hooved pal is current on certain vaccinations and parasite control. Make sure to stay on top of this!


Did you know that cows grow their fur in 90-day cycles? You’ll need to figure out when to trim Bessie’s hair so that she looks her best for the show ring. Ask your vet for more information.

Check The Terrain

If possible, inspect the arena before the show starts. Look for uneven areas that could affect how Bessie looks when standing. Avoid these areas if possible.

Calming Techniques

Most animals love being pampered. This can come in handy, as you can combine giving Bessie attention with keeping her calm. For instance, if your cow loves having her ears scratched, you may find that giving her scritches helps soothe her in crowded places.

Learn To Use A Show Stick

A show stick should never be used to strike your cow. The key is to just lightly poke or tap your bovine friend to correct their posture or get them to walk or move a certain way.

Be On Time

Hopefully this goes without saying, but be ready to enter the ring promptly when called. You won’t score any points by making the judges wait!

Do you have questions about cow care? Contact us, your Dahlonega, GA vet clinic, anytime!