Do you have an iguana? These charismatic lizards make fun, personable pets. Iguanas do require a good amount of work, however. One crucial thing you’ll need to keep up with is your reptilian buddy’s bathing needs. A local Dahlonega, GA veterinarian discusses grooming Iggy below.


Iguanas absolutely must be allowed to soak regularly. This keeps their skin hydrated, and will help prevent painful issues like dryness, cracking, irritation, and infections. It also helps with shedding and general hydration. You can bathe Iggy in a bathtub if you like. You can also use a kiddie pool or another container. Use warm, not hot, water, and skip the soap. Make sure that the water isn’t too deep for your pet. As a rule of thumb, it shouldn’t be any deeper than your lizard’s shoulder. You’ll need to supervise your buddy while he’s bathing. Iguanas often relieve themselves in water, so be sure to clean and disinfect the tub after!


Like most lizards, your iguana will molt, or shed old skin, as he grows. Most reptiles lose their old skins in one big piece. Iguanas, however, tend to shed more slowly, and often just lose small bits here and there. You’ll need to keep an eye out for old skin that wasn’t shed. This can restrict your scaled friend’s circulation, which can cause problems. Some spots to watch are the crest, tail, and toes. If you notice any old skin, you can help your buddy out by gently removing it for him. You can also offer Iggy a hide box with some peat moss in it. Your vet may also recommend using sprays. Ask your vet for more information.

Claw Care

You’ll need to clip Iggy’s claws regularly. Many iguanas don’t particularly enjoy this experience, so you may need to restrict your lizard’s movements to keep him from biting or scratching. It’s not a bad idea to get a helper for this. Be very careful with the clipping. If you cut too close, you may cut Iggy’s nerves or blood vessels. Ouch! Looking at your reptilian pal’s nails with a bright light may help, as this can show where the nerves and blood vessels end. You may also want to disinfect the claw before trimming. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques.

Do you have questions about iguana care? Call us, your local Dahlonega, GA vet clinic, today!