Do you keep your kitty inside? If so, that’s great! Our feline pals may love exploring, but they are both safer and healthier as indoor pets. However, you can still let your furry buddy have the best of both worlds, by offering her a catio. A Dahlonega, GA vet offers tips on how to do that below.

Choosing A Spot

If you have a screened in patio, you already have a great location. You can also use a sunny porch, a sunroom, a spare bedroom, or even a bright corner. If you want to go all-out, you can even build Fluffy an enclosure for the yard, with a window ‘tunnel’ for access. There are lots of ideas online. If possible, choose a spot that offers your cute pet a good view. For extra purrs, put a birdfeeder up where your furry little voyeur can see it.


A catio is a great spot to set out some pet-safe plants. Some good options are Spider plants, Money trees, Rubber trees, and Boston ferns. If you like palms, you can incorporate Ponytail palms, Areca palms, Paradise palms, and/or Parlor palms. For flowers, you can include things like African violets, Patient plants, and Petunias. Many types of orchids are also safe. Avoid lilies, oleander, peonies, begonias, and daffodils. You can find more information on safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA site here.

Fluffy’s Favorites

A catio just isn’t complete without catnip. Plant some in little pots for Fluffy. You can also make your kitty her own lawn by planting cat grass in an old litterbox or storage tote.


Don’t forget to add some toys! Kitties all have their own tastes, so offer your feline buddy a variety, and see what she likes.


We may never understand Fluffy’s box obsession: we just know that it’s adorable. Set out some empty boxes for your furball to explore. Paper bags will also not go unappreciated.


The next step is to add some kitty furniture. A cat tower is a purrfect option, as it will offer Fluffy a jungle gym, napping spot, nail-care station, and a good vantage point. You can also set out some comfy beds, pet tents, and/or catwalks. Add some comfy chairs for yourself as well!

Please reach out to us, your Dahlonega, GA vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!