June is Adopt A Shelter Month! If you’re looking for a new kitty, there’s no better place to find Fluffy than a shelter. You get to pick your new pet from a roster of adorable furry faces, and you won’t have to break the bank doing it. As it turns out, you’ll also learn a few things in the process. Here, a Dahlonega, GA vet lists some things people discover when they adopt shelter kitties. 

Choosing Just One Pet Is Hard

Sometimes people fall in love with a pet they’ve seen online. Others just take one look at a cute kitty and know they’ve found the right furball. But it’s not always that easy. You may find that picking just one cat can be pretty challenging. Of course, you may want to consider getting two, especially if you don’t have any other pets. Your feline pals can play together, nap together, and keep each other company while you’re out. It may not cost much more, either. Many shelters offer discounts when you adopt more than one cat.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

Cats may be small, but they can fill some pretty big places in our hearts. You may find yourself completely smitten the first time Fluffy starts purring as you pet her. It’s also a very special moment when you see your feline pal looking up at you with that cute look of complete kitty adoration. That unconditional love may have a bigger impact on your life than you would imagine possible!

Cats Are All Unique

Our feline friends are definitely individuals, and they all have their own purrsonalities. Some are fearless and friendly, some are timid, and some are, well, just lazy. Even if you’ve had cats your whole life, it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy won’t have the same characteristics as your other kitties did.

Life Is Better With Kitties

Cats really do have a special way of brightening up our lives. Fluffy will always put a smile on your face with her playful antics, silly quirks, and charismatic meows. She’s also a great lap warmer and confidante, and will keep you entertained. A purring cat is the perfect final touch that turns a house into a home!

Does Fluffy need an exam, vaccines, or parasite control? Contact us, your local Dahlonega, GA veterinary clinic, today!