There’s a special holiday coming up, one made just for two. You may be thinking of Valentine’s Day, but we’re actually talking about a different holiday. Doggie Date Night is February 3rd! Our canine pals are very loyal and loving, and they want nothing more than to spend time with their humans. A Dawsonville, GA suggests some ‘pawesome’ activities for this special day below.

Adventure Dates

For athletic types, going on hikes or other adventures can make for a great outing. You of course don’t want to take Fido skydiving with you, but he may enjoy checking out a park, beach, or trail, assuming the weather is nice. You can also indulge your pooch with a fun trip to a drive-through.

Spa Date

Is your furry friend getting a bit stinky? Book him an appointment at the groomer’s! While Fido may not be particularly fond of getting bathed, he will be more comfortable if he is soft and clean. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy snuggling up with a clean, fresh-smelling pup.

Creative Dates

Not everyone is interested in going climbing or hiking. You can also do something more low key. Paint some pottery for your four-legged pal, or make him a toy or bed. This is a great project for kids! For instance, they can paint a cookie jar and designate it for Fido’s treats. Look online for DIY toy ideas and instructions.


A delicious meal is a standard component of any date. No reason to change that! Fido will love a special treat. Dogs can have almost any type of plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken. Just be sure to remove the skin, bones, and fat. You’ll also want to limit organ meats, such as liver and kidney, as well as anything that is very salty and/or highly processed, like bacon.


At the end of the day, wind down by enjoying a good movie with your canine buddy and, if applicable, your significant other. To really get into the spirit of this ‘pawesome’ holiday, choose something that is about a dog, or at least features one. There are plenty of great flicks to choose from. Some of these can be tearjerkers, though, so you may want to grab some tissues!

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