Love Your Pet Day is coming up February 20th. Pets have really helped many people through the challenges of the past year. If you have little ones at home, why not have them make some things for their furry pal? A Dahlonega, GA vet offers some suggestions below.


Rope toys are lots of fun for Man’s Best Friend. They’re also quite easy to make! Start by cutting a few old towels or tee shirts into thin strips. Braid the strips together, alternating the colors. Then, take those braids, and braid them together. Keep repeating until you (or your kids) are happy with the size of the toy. Then, tie it off in a knot. Voila!


Kitties may be adorable, but don’t forget that these quirky, sassy furballs are actually predators at heart. Why not make Fluffy some cute catnip toys? Cut two pieces of cloth into the same shape. Place them on top of each other, with the outsides facing in. Next, sew them together, leaving a small hole. Turn it inside out, and stuff the toy with catnip, using the hole. Then, tie the opening closed. Done!

Pocket Pets

Many smaller animals have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew quite a bit to prevent their choppers from overgrowing. You can make some great chew toys out of the tubes from toilet paper rolls. Cut them into rings and reassemble them as balls. Or, stack them up in a shoebox or tissue box. You can also stuff them with herbs or shredded paper, or just fold them into shapes. Snowflake chains are also a good option. Just be sure to use plain paper.


Birds need lots of toys to climb on and play with. Hanging toys are the go-to here. There’s almost no end to the things you can use for these. Some popular options are playing cards, poker chips, shower curtain rings, popsicle sticks, rice cakes, and bottlecaps.


No matter what type of pet you have, be sure to stick with safe, suitable treats. Don’t give your animal companion anything small or sharp, or anything with varnish, glue, glitter, paint, or dye on it. Dangling ropes or threads are also unsafe. Ask your vet for more information.

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