Coronavirus Update

As veterinarians, a key part of the oath that we took was to protect and promote public health. In an effort to remain available to you and protect ourselves and the public, we are working within the CDC’s guidelines to keep our clinic and staff free of the virus.

We have added additional cleaning procedures such as disinfecting all surfaces more frequently, especially those touched by members of the public such as door handles and our front counter. We are mopping the floors with disinfectant even more than before as well. We will continue our frequent hand washing, and encourage you to do the same. We will also not be shaking hands or hugging to prevent viral transmission.

Although our small community is rather isolated from populated metropolitan areas, our clientele travel here from many places that could have increased chances of exposure before or during their travel here.

If our office is busy, you may be asked to wait in your car until we have a room disinfected and available to directly place you and your pet to help minimize your exposure to the general public.

We have instructed staff not to come to work if they or someone in their family is sick or has coughing or a fever.  Since we are such a small hospital with a small staff this means that we may be short staffed some days. Please be patient and understanding if we need to reschedule appointments or schedule further in the future than we normally would.

Finally, if you or a member of your family have a fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms or have traveled out of the country in the last 30 days, please let us know so we may make alternative arrangements to care for your pets needs.   As of now, it seems that animals do not get ill from COVID-19, but can be the vector to transmit the virus, so we would like to take extra precautions to protect you, ourselves and our families.

We want to be available to help you and your pets now and in the future. Please help us to protect our staff, our families, and our clients who are at increased risk of severe complications. We need to work together to protect everyone.

Thank you,

All Animals Veterinary Hospital