The holiday season has officially arrived! It’s always nice to spend time with friends and family, and enjoy traditional foods and activities. As it turns out, our adorable feline pals have a few traditions of their own. A local Dawsonville, GA vet discusses Fluffy’s holiday agenda below.

Help With Decorating

Cats are very thoughtful little pets. Fluffy may very well try to offer her assistance with things like wrapping gifts, cooking, and decorating.

Play With The Tree

Every year, thousands—or perhaps millions—of frisky felines take part in the time-honored kitty tradition of attacking Christmas trees. If you are concerned that Fluffy may actually knock the tree over, secure the tree top to the wall or ceiling with fishing line. We also recommend making sure your tree has a sturdy base, and putting most of the ornaments on the top half, well out of paws’ reach.

Nap Under The Tree

Whether Fluffy succeeds in climbing the tree or not, she will enjoy curling up for a nap under it. This makes sense: after all, our feline friends truly are precious gifts!

Enjoy A Special Snack

Food is front and center of many holiday traditions. Why not give your furball a special treat? Canned tuna in water is fine. Fluffy may also enjoy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat; shredded deli meat; or a bowl of sodium-free broth.

Steal Empty Boxes

We may never entirely figure cats out, but we do know one thing: their obsession with boxes will always be adorable. Give your furball some empty ones to play in once all the gifts have been opened.

Pounce On A New Toy

Don’t forget to fill Fluffy’s stocking! Toys are always a good option here. You can go with classic cat toys, like catnip mice or plastic balls. Or, get your pet something more modern, like an automated laser pointer or a robotic mouse. Snap a few cute photos of your furry pal with her new things!


Cats are very cuddly, and many of them really enjoy snuggling up with their humans. On a cold winter night, settle in with your kitty and a good seasonal book or movie.

All of us here at All Animals Veterinary Hospital, your Dawsonville, GA vet clinic, want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Call us anytime!