Do you enjoy swimming? This is a great way for you and your pup to cool off on a hot day. Many of our canine patients also enjoy the water. Swimming can actually be great for dogs. It offers a wonderful, low-impact workout, which will help keep Fido healthy. However, swimming doesn’t always come naturally to dogs. If your four-legged friend doesn’t know how to swim, it’s worth your while to teach him. A Dahlonega, GA vet offers tips on swimming with Fido in this article.

Getting The Green Light

Before teaching your furry friend to swim, check with your vet to see if they have any objections. Some pooches, such as brachycephalic dogs, just aren’t cut out to be good swimmers. Very small dogs may also be better off splashing around in a kiddie pool, as would pups that are prone to ear infections.

Starting Out

Ideally, you want to pick a spot where the water deepens gradually, so Fido can get used to wading and playing a bit. This should not be a place with any currents. A lake is a good option. Walk into the water, supporting your pup’s weight. Talk to him gently, so he doesn’t get scared.


We recommend getting a doggy lifejacket. This is also a must if you take Fido onto a boat! You can also get ‘floaties’ for your canine buddy.

What Not To Do

Definitely do not throw your four-legged friend into the water. Fido may just sink like a stone! Even if your pooch does figure out the doggy paddle, the experience may frighten him so much that he ends up terrified of the water.

Keep It Pawsitive

Make the experience fun for your canine pal! You of course don’t want to give him treats in the water, but you can offer him lots of praise. When he has all four paws on the ground, offer him a yummy snack.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Never ever leave Fido alone near water, even for just a minute. If you ever take your furry buddy to a pool, the first thing you want to do is show him where the steps are. Use fences and baby gates to block off pools that aren’t being used.

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