Today, July 15th, is National Pet Fire Safety Day. House fires are one of the most dangerous—not to mention terrifying—things people can experience. This is one area where an ounce of prevention can be worth several pounds of cure! Here, a Dahlonega, GA vet offers some pet fire prevention tips.

Gas Knobs

Do you have a gas stove? If you have a large dog, you may want to get childproof covers for your burner knobs. Fido has been known to accidentally switch these on by bumping into them!

Glass Bowls

Dogs love having yards to play in. However, if you have a wooden porch or deck, don’t use glass bowls as doggy water stations. Because of the way these magnifies sun rays, they actually are a fire risk!


Candles give any home a warm, cozy glow. However, pets and candles can be a very deadly combination. Be sure to keep candles in high, secure spots. You don’t want Fido knocking one over with his tail, or Fido sticking her nose into the flame!


Firepits and grills are also a concern. Fido could wrap his leash around a free-standing grill, or singe himself by getting too close to a firepit.

Window Stickers

We also recommend getting some pet-specific window stickers. Include how many pets you have, what type of pets you have, and where they may be hiding. This small step can have huge ramifications! Firefighters generally try to save pets when they can. However, without these, they may have no way of knowing if there are pets in the house.

Emergency Bag

Planning is also a big part of being prepared. We recommend having an emergency bag packed and ready. This should include several days’ worth of food, treats, medicine, and water, as well as bedding, dishes, a leash and collar, waste baggies (for dogs), and a litterbox and litter (for cats). Add a pet first-aid kit and copies of your pet’s registration and medical records as well. Keep this bag in a spot where it’s easy to grab.


Consider getting a monitored alarm system. If a fire breaks out when no one is home, the fire department will still be alerted. That security offers great peace of mind!

Please contact us, your local Dahlonega, GA vet clinic, for all of your beloved pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!