Mini Pig Day is November 4th. Although pigs have traditionally been farm animals, they are becoming more popular as pets. Porky is super cute, but he does need quite a lot of care. A Dahlonega, GA vet discusses mini pig care below.


Porky can live indoors, though he really should also have an outdoor area. This outdoor shelter can be divided into a few areas; one for eating, one for sleeping, and one for a bathroom. He’ll also need a rooting area.


For indoor areas, you can offer beds, blankets, and litterboxes. Petproofing is also a must. Pigs can be litterbox trained. Pick a litterbox with low sides. For litter you can use newspaper or wood chips. (Note: Avoid cedar and pine chips.)


It’s important to provide plenty of toys and enrichment, as bored pigs can get mean. Mini pigs are extremely smart. You can teach Porky basic commands, such as Sit and Stay. You may also be able to show him simple tricks, like Fetch.


If you’re adopting a piglet, you may need to use powder formula at first, and then gradually start introducing commercial pellets. Be careful not to overfeed your hooved buddy. Pigs can quickly pack on extra weight! As far as snacks, you can offer certain fruits and veggies, whole-grain cereals, and granola. Take care to only offer safe foods. Don’t offer your pet chocolate, avocado, salty foods, caffeine, or sweets. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Pigs need proper veterinary care to stay healthy. Porky will need to be wormed about every six months. Spaying or neutering is also recommended. You’ll need to find a vet who is experienced with pigs. Your pet will need to come in about once a year until he becomes a senior, which, for mini pigs, should be around age 10 or 12. At that point, your vet may recommend more frequent visits.

Beauty Care

Hoof care is extremely important for pigs. You’ll need to trim your porcine pal’s hooves regularly. Pigs also enjoy mud baths. You can occasionally bathe your little buddy, but don’t overdo it: that may dry out his skin. You’ll also need to put sunscreen on Porky when he’s out in the sun, as otherwise, he may get sunburned.

Do you have questions about caring for mini pigs? Contact us, your Dahlonega, GA animal clinic, anytime!